What can I say? The longest journey starts with a single step? A bit of a cliche, but what the heck.

This is my first true blog entry. I could bore you all with legal mumbo-jumbo, but that wouldn’t prove anything.

At some point, I may actually blog about the law.

But the truth is, my law practice, my radio show and my entire career is based upon popular culture. From time to time, I will be blogging about celebrity break-ups and other pop culture events.

Today, I decided to start with a book review. I can analyze someone else’s words without being original.

So here goes, just finished reading John Grisham’s latest, The Litigators. I’m a lawyer; and I like reading them. Been disappointed, though, in the endings of every one of them since his first, A Time to Kill. Well, this one did not disappoint. It was not contrived. The climax was real; and the epilogue was first rate. Okay, I will say it. John Grisham apparently has no love for the matrimonial bar. The divorce aspects of the “litigators'” practice addressed the seamier side of the legal profession; and it is just too easy to fall into the divorce-lawyer-sleeps-with-his-client rut. At least in A Time to Kill, the divorce attorney portrayed in file by Oliver Platt was an over-the-top unabashed cad; but he had a heart of gold and contributed to the hero’s cause. In this new book, the divorce lawyer is not seen as the lowest of the low — just above the lawyers who literally chased ambulances when they heard sirens out there window.

It is not heavy reading. It is amusing and not a bad way to devote a little time each day for a week.

Now, the week is ending; and I am getting ready for this week’s edition of The Divorce Hour with me, Larry Bloom. I selected the topic of jealousy this week for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which being my own jealousy that Grisham has been able to leave the grind of the law and create a lucrative career tangential to the law. Additionally, last week I was on a plane without a book and read every word of the December Mens’ Health. Found a really interesting article about jealousy and decided that it would be this week’s topic. I have no guest in studio, so please call in and be a part of the show at www.talkingalternative.com on Friday, December 16th, at noon eastern time. The call-in number is 877-480-4120.