This is just a great way to vent.

It was before 6:30 a.m. when I saw it and before 7:00 when first asked about it.

This morning’s edition of AMNY has a cover story on the declining marriage rate under the title, “They Don’t.”

Well, they do and let’s not kid ourselves about it.

People are still getting married (and getting divorced too).
The article still acknowledges that 51% of the population of the country over the age of 18 are married.

This number is supposed to be some big deal because more than 50 years ago, that number was 72%.

However, the numbers don’t make any sense. In 1960, the divorce rate was nowhere near its current levels of half of all first marriages, 2/3 of all second marriages and 75% of third marriages end in divorce. Indeed, the numbers of second and third marriages back in 1960 were far less than those of today’s levels.

There, of course, is some lag time between marriages which would account for a large percentage of unmarried adults at any given moment.

So fear not friends of marriage (and friends of divorce), today’s report are empty numbers.

Welcome to The Bloom Blog. It’s either that or The Daily Divorce Diary. (I like alliteration.)