Posted by Joseph

Avvo Web Site Overall Rating: Excellent
Trustworthy: Excellent
Responsive: Excellent
Knowledgeable: Excellent
Kept me informed: Excellent
I recommend Lawrence Bloom.

I rated Larry with five stars across the board.
Because out of all the lawyers I have had to work with, Larry was by far the best.
Getting divorced sucks. There is no other way to say it. You will spend lots of money to wind up with an agreement that will not be what you hoped for.
It is up to your attorney to prepare you for that.
It is up to your attorney to keep you informed of all the possibilities and pitfalls.
Larry does that.
What did Larry not do?
Larry didn’t lead me around by my emotions.
He didn’t milk me for billable hour after billable hour stoking the divorce flames to enrich his monthly invoice.
I had two other divorce attorneys before Larry. Larry was the only one who kept the focus on what was achievable and realistic. Larry let me know when my requests were wastes of time and money.
In the end Larry was the one to close out all my divorce, custody, and support proceedings.