About Us

Having concentrated in Family Law for what is now more than four decades, Mr. Bloom has handled some of the most difficult matrimonial disputes including child custody, support, property distribution and other domestic relations matters at both the trial and appellate levels. He uses invaluable insight into human relationships to better understand and serve his clients; and his own recent divorce has allowed him to be even more empathetic to client’s rollercoaster of emotions. Family Law is a challenging environment; and Mr. Bloom credits his firm’s more than two decades of success to the ability to balance the demands of the law, the sensitivity to the client’s plight, and an aggressive representation of the client’s interest and welfare relative to their children and their finances.

Both professionally and personally, Lawrence Bloom has consistently demonstrated his strong commitment to helping families deal with traumatic events in their personal lives and to educating the community about families in crisis. For many years, Mr. Bloom has advised women’s, men’s and children’s advocacy groups; and he is a member of several support groups where he both gives and accepts the support provided in these groups.

With offices in New York (Lower Manhattan) and New Jersey, (Englewood Cliffs), the Bloom law firm has a staff of legal professionals and technical resources to meet each client’s unique needs. His team is trained in Family Law and keeps abreast of the latest legislation related to domestic issues. The legal team and office environment convey a warm and friendly atmosphere to help make clients comfortable. We extend this client-centric focus to ensuring that communications are kept open and responsive. In fact, Lawrence H. Bloom guarantees to return calls within 24 hours and success of this approach is evident in the thriving relationships that the Bloom team shares with clients.

Mr. Bloom is committed to serving professional and community organizations through membership and acting as an advisor and speaker. Matrimonial Law is ever-changing and Mr. Bloom maintains these affiliations to exchange information with peers and ultimately better serve his clients. His current affiliations include the:

Family Law Section of the New York County Lawyer’s Association;
Association of the Bar of the City of New York;
New York State Bar Association;
New Jersey State Bar Association;
Parental Rights advisory board member;
Father’s Rights Metro executive board member; and
Member of several different divorce support groups.

Many people find that working with a skilled and experienced lawyer can make a genuine difference in their perspective of the divorce process. An attorney can reduce your fears and uncertainty, and can demystify the process by listening and responding intelligently to concerns, as well as to “ask the right questions.” We can help you in matters where timing is crucial by giving proactive advice to prevent problems from arising. We can advise you on reasonable spousal and child support. We can help you work harmoniously with your spouse towards an amicable divorce, and in cases where negotiation is impossible, Mr. Bloom believes that powerful negotiation skills make the difference in matters of divorce. We believe in negotiating from strength to obtain the best possible results for each client.

The Law Firm is presently comprised of Lawrence H. Bloom and Stephanie M. Pecorino. Mr. Bloom is a graduate of Cornell University and of the Albany Law School of Union University where he served on and published in the Law Review. He was admitted to the Bar in the State of New York in 1980 and in the State of New Jersey in 1984; and he has concentrated his practice in Family Law since 1980.

Ms. Pecorino first became associated with the firm in the late 1980′s and has been with us for the past seventeen (17) years. Ms. Pecorino is now the Client Liaison. With an active trial and appellate practice that necessitates Mr. Bloom’s presence in Court, Ms. Pecorino supplies that necessary link between client and lawyer. She is sensitive to the needs of the client and has the insight and experience to cut to the heart matter. Ms. Pecorino is also in the process of putting together an email newsletter as well as a client questionnaire to assure that all client concerns are addressed and so that nothing can fall through the cracks.

Selecting an attorney is a highly personal matter and is a decision based on trust. You must trust this person to safeguard your rights, advise you of the consequences of your decisions and protect your interests. If you are in searching for sensitive, practical and cost-effective guidance, mediation or representation in your domestic relations case, the Lawrence H. Bloom Family Law firm can meet your requirements. Whether you’re looking for guidance to help you plan and secure your economic future, are trying to avoid divorce, need help in negotiating settlement agreements, or require convincing legal arguments if your case goes to court – we are here to aid you as you go about the business of your life. Call us in New York at (212) 964-3502 or New Jersey at (201) 925-8148. We can also be reached via email at Larry@divorcebybloom.com.

To add your email address to our database for the occasional newsletter please contact: Stephanie@divorcebybloom.com.