Understanding Your Options

The decisions that you make during your family law case will have a lasting impact on your life and the lives of your children, so Mr. Bloom believes that it is critical to understand the options available to you. Rather than making decisions based on emotions or naivety, it is important that you work with an attorney who can explain your rights and offer objective advice based on their experience with the law, and other cases.

The Lawrence H. Bloom firm can offer advice throughout the legal process to help plan and protect your economic future. By helping you understand the law and your options, we may help to alleviate some of your anxiety while guiding you on strategies to protect your children and finances. Whether you’re looking for guidance to help you plan and protect your economic future, are trying to avoid divorce, need help in negotiating settlement agreements, or require convincing legal arguments if your case goes to court – we are here to aid you as you go about the business of your life. Call us in New York at (212) 964-3502 or New Jersey at (201) 925-8148. We can also be reached via email at Larry@divorcebybloom.com.

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