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Welcome to the website for Lawrence H. Bloom, Esq. For over 30 years, we have specialized in Family Law and in helping people in New York and New Jersey make important changes to their lives. We recognize that the process of defining one’s own identity can be an important milestone for many people. It is also important to ‘prove’ the change of name in an increasingly complex society. While changing your name may seem like a relatively straightforward process, it is always prudent to consult an attorney who can explain the full impact of a name change and guide you through the legal process. Whether you’re seeking a name change for yourself or your child, the Lawrence H. Bloom firm can help.

People change their names for a variety of reasons. Some do not like their original name, others make a change because of marriage, divorce, paternity actions, and adoption. Other causes for people to want name changes include:

  • Women who are recently divorced and failed to request the restoration of her former name in the divorce action
  • A child’s name or information on the birth certificate that is incorrect or missing
  • Religious reasons
  • To change a minor child’s name to the biological father’s name when a child is born out of wedlock or in cases where the child is being adopted
  • Changing from a natural father’s surname because the minor child’s name differs from other children in the family
  • A person has never met their natural parents and wishes to change their surname to that of their familiar family; or
  • To conform to foreign nationality.
  • To simplify the name for professional reasons

Whatever the reason, the name change process is regulated by laws that have specific requirements and steps that must be followed. These laws are designed to prevent people from changing their names for purposes such as avoiding creditors or using a name with intent to defraud.

There are generally three basic steps involved in making a legal name change. You (the petitioner) must file an action in the proper court with the appropriate forms and fee. You must publish a notice in a local paper (the county where you reside) stating that an action has been filed; and you may be required to notify specific individuals impacted by your name change. If you are filing a petition for a minor child, you must file it with the court in the county where the child lives.

There are many forms involved and there will be legal ramifications if your name change is not properly completed, so it is in your best interest to seek the help of an attorney who is familiar with local laws and procedures. An experienced lawyer can offer insight, can save you time and money, and they can guide you on strategies relating to your children and finances.

The Lawrence H. Bloom firm can help you understand the law and your options, whether you’re looking for guidance to help you plan and protect your economic future, are trying to avoid divorce, need help in negotiating settlement agreements, or require convincing legal arguments if your case goes to court – we are here to aid you as you go about the business of your life. Call us in New York at (212) 964-3502 or New Jersey at (201) 925-8148. We can also be reached via email at

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